Break the Mold
If you see any of the following statements in an either-or, ‘us versus them’ polarization, you only prove the point of this post.
Someone expresses their heart, and you see a political argument in that, and thus fail to hear their heart, their pain, and humanity- your humanity is already a casualty.
Entire households divided because not all agree with your pre-packaged arguments. An entire nation at odds, each expected to buy into one or the other side of a political philosophy or argument.
Do you not see that you’re being played? Yes, on both sides are important discussions where we may seek to find real solutions. But hey, only those poeple who can think for themselves, and haven’t yet lost their humanity, get to have grown-up discussions.
Instead, it’s either-or, isn’t it? “If you’re not with us, you’re against us…”- a house (nation) divided against itself cannot stand.
There are bigger forces out there, hell-bent on destroying our nation, enslaving the world for their own political and economic purposes. So, I get it if you’ve bought into either side, and pulled into either camp.
However, if you don’t simply wish to be part of the two-headed bird picking at itself, two things can help:
Reason, so as to not crystalize into either side of our dumbed-down and polarized society; and-
Heart, so as to transcend above the petty hate, and tit-for-tat political debate.
P.S., to the Christian: If what you’re preaching, teaching divides others, and it’s not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you’re preaching the wrong gospel.


Break the Mold

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