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Invite Leon as a conference speaker, as a guest minister in your church or home fellowship. 

Trained in the Scriptures, experienced in the Spirit

Indepth Bible study has been my passion for over 30 years. I’ve taught in multiple venues. This includes church services, home fellowships, open air preaching and college campuses.

I have an intense hunger to be a blessing to the Body of Christ and to see the individual believer come into the divine fullness.

I can teach a wide range of topics covering basic doctrine for new believers toward ever deepening spiritual and mystical applications. My teaching is not mere intellectual data, but promotes the opening of the heart through inward knowledge and revelation.

Areas of teaching may include:

Christian Orthodoxy

Biblical Hermenuetics

Grace and Law 

Election and Predestination

First Century Ecclesiology  

Gifts of the Spirit 

Spiritual Discerment




Men’s Issues

Spiritual Maturity

Christian Mysticism

Hebrew Alphabet (mystical)

…and much more!

How to Invite Me:

If God has brought us together somehow, it’s not by coincidence. Whatever your church-needs are, or whatever venue you wish for me to speak at, let’s talk!

There’s a baseline speaker’s fee per meeting, additional meetings are at a discounted rate. Travel and lodging are additional expenses, researched at reasonable rates. To find out more:  

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