Invite Leon to Speak!

Areas of teaching may include:

Biblical Orthodoxy

Finished Work Theology

Grace versus Law

Election and Predestination

First Century Ecclesiology

The Gifts of the Spirit

Spiritual Discerment

Spiritual Warfare

Bible Prophecy

Men’s Discipleship

Spiritual Stations of Maturity

Christian Mysticism

Declaring the Gospel with power!

I preach Christ and Him crucified! I do this with a conviction and authority, as the Spirit wills. The purpose is in bringing the Church and the individual to a radical change.

Prayer for the sick, deliverance, and spiritual gifts are ways the Spirit may move through me.  

You may invite me to conferences, home fellowships, or to regular church services. 

Trained in the Scriptures, experienced in the Spirit

For over 30 years indepth study, including the original languages, have been my passion. Adding to that, I’ve ministered or taught in multiple venues. This includes open-air preaching, church services, home fellowships, and college campuses.

I learned the Scriptures through a desire to know God deeper. Many of my personal studies have literally changed my life. My intense hunger to be a blessing to the Body of Christ is how this teaching ministry began.

These studies have taken on ever deepening mystical implications. I teach the opening of the heart through inward knowledge, superseding mere intellect.

Teaching Details

Thoughtful prayer and much study go into the teaching of His Word. Believing in the absolute authority of the Scriptures, I teach them with conviction.

There are many topics I teach, but my main purpose is to provide for the specific needs of your church.

If you’d like to learn more:

Invite Leon to Speak

Teaching is also available via Skype and Zoom! This may be for the individual or a small group.

Video teaching sessions: $40.00 USD per hour.

I include a time for personal ministry and prayer.

You may record our Skype or Zoom sessions for future reference.