Taboric Light Seminary

Mount Tabor is the traditional location for the transfiguration of Jesus Christ as recorded in the synoptic gospels. Christ’s light which then shone, later became the ecstasies experienced by the mystics. Hesychasts, mystics of the Eastern Church, referred to this as taboric light. That holy transformative moment became the name for this seminary.

Our mystical school

Taboric Light Seminary offers courses that go far afield from mere academic study. We don’t seek to reward the student with empty accolades, diplomas which only serve the false-ego.

What do we offer in this seminary? The very ending of ourselves, as well as to discover the Treasure of the Kingdom buried deep within.

What we offer is not meant to swell heads, but to deepen hearts. We teach the realization of divine Oneness.

We offer two online courses!

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These courses represent two methods that I myself have developed and practiced:

1. Self Reflexive Awareness– an apophatic approach (path of negation). A method utilizing meditation or contemplation. Our assumptions of reality, such as perceptions, concepts, ideas, and our identification with these, are challenged. Particularly the false ego-self is systematically dismantled as we realize pure awareness.

The path of negation is like a sculptor carving a block of wood, revealing the image hidden inside.

2. Ma’aseh Bereshit– a kataphatic approach (path of affirmation). This method is modeled on the first chapter of Genesis, where in a very interpersonal encounter with Christ, one is brought to the realization of Oneness. This is in working with visionary and other mystical experiences in the heart, utilizing Hebrew letter mysticism, and creating divine energy whereby a dialectical dynamic invites transformation.

The path of affirmation is like a sculptor forming an image from the soft and muddy clay of the earth.

The student may choose between the two courses, as one approach may not be suitable for all.

Or, one may wish to take both courses at the same time, offered at a discounted rate. I’ve practiced both courses in a concurrent fashion. This approach is very beneficial, each method strengthening the other.

What makes our mystical approach different?

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Why the need to include orthodox theology in a mystical school?

Non-duality, meaning not two, is Oneness; that is unity or identity with the One, transcending the duality of self and other. Yet non-duality without a correct theology typically tends toward monism, the concept that there is only one sole reality, the Absolute, however that’s conceived of.

Following is the belief in which nothing else exists but That. Monism is typically what mysticism tends toward, across all religions, Christianity being no exception. 

The problems of relativism and amorality.

It is true to say that empty dogmatism only serves to impede the intuitive nature of the mystical path. Yet as believers and mystics, we’re after the Truth, first in agreement with divine revelation, and second, in agreement with ontological reality.

Regardless, Truth is relativized by today’s mystic insofar as both phenomenal and moralistic realities are denied as unreal in lieu of the awakened state. This however presents two problems: theological, as it relegates Christ and His finished work to a relative position, and psychological, as one pursuing non-duality denies and contradicts their own logic.

Phenomenon and/or moral dilemmas arising in consciousness force them to lie to themselves as to either reason or conscience. This is because they attempt to impose monistic concepts contrary to what their mind naturally tells them.

The answer of a Trinitarian non-duality

Trinitarian non-duality answers what would otherwise be monism. Oneness as realized within the context of relationship, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is a true non-duality. Christ after all prayed for us to have this very Oneness (John 17:21-23).

In Christ we get to have our cake and eat it too, for not only do we awaken to Oneness with the divine, but we also emerge in relationship, enjoying all the good God has for us within Consciousness.

The Incarnation is key, for we see Jesus the God/man as our primary example toward realization. Not to say that Jesus as a man attained Godhood, as portrayed in New Age teaching. Rather, God for our sake, attained unto humanity, thus enabling us to become God. And the earliest Church Fathers held this very view of the Incarnation.


Prerequisites for taking our courses:

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1. While our courses are Christian in nature, the student does not have to be a Christian. We will not discriminate against any from other faiths or beliefs, or even non-belief.

2. For any questions regarding the beliefs which form the basis of our courses, please read my Statement of Faith page, although explicit agreement with is not a requirement.  

3. We caution against participation if:

1) You’re under medication that prevents you from staying alert;

2) You cannot sit for extended lengths of time (up to an hour or more);

3) Deep breathing is a physical challenge.

*Participation is not prohibited however, if either of these conditions are temporary, or cleared by a medical professional. 

4. Anxiety, behavioral or emotional issues are not disqualifications. Latest research shows the benefits of meditation and mindfulness techniques toward mental health.

5.  A lifelong commitment to the mystical path, as one is to not embark on this journey carelessly. One must go ‘all in’ for these courses to be of benefit. 

6. There must be a willingness to lose yourself in order to gain it back. One must therefore count the cost in their desire to realize divine Oneness.

7. Because realization is a matter of grace, we thus encourage opening up our hearts toward divine grace as beneficial to the Path.


Optional Considerations

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1. Grounding in spirituality and sound biblical doctrine, and being part of a spiritual community or church.

2. Baptism in the Holy Spirit, evidenced by unknown tongues. The Holy Spirit strengthens our spirit, preparing us for deeper mystical experiences.

3. Learn the Hebrew alphabet. This is applicable if one chooses to practice Ma’aseh Bereshit, where this knowledge will be instrumental.


What to expect once you’ve registered

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1. Once you’ve registered, and payment has been received via our trusted payment gateways, (after initial automated email) I will send you an email within 24 hours or less, containing:

1) Links to the online course or courses you’ve chosen along with relevant passwords, giving you unending and immediate access.

2) Included will be the pdf versions for each class for the registered course or courses, so you can study and practice offline.

3) A link to our Facebook group, where discussions with other students and myself may take place in a supportive environment. I’ll soon see and accept your request to join.

2. Access to the teacher, on an as needed basis, related to the online courses registered for. This will be via phone, email, or SMS (text). Contact information will be provided in the personal email.

This access may be scheduled out, as the volume of students increase.

3. You’ll have immediate online access to our support links which include:

1) General introduction to both courses,

2) Taboric Light Library containing several mystical works in pdf format, ready for reading and downloading at no additional cost. And…

3) other helps periodically updated.


It is my honor to present to you these courses, and to offer my assistance as needed during your journey.


Leon Bahrman.

If you’re ready for a modern Christian mysticism with ancient roots, come and register!



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