Hello, I’m Leon Bahrman 

My calling is to preach and teach the Gospel
Leon Bahrman in Albuquerque, NM.

My calling is to preach and teach the Gospel, and this ministry is a realization of that lifelong dream.

I’ve been a preacher and teacher of the Bible for over 30 years. My anointing and office is as an apostle. I work with other apostles to evangelize, plant churches and establish presybyteries (a group of elders that serve as pastors).

For my testimony, click here.  

My desire is to see the Church come into her own, and grow up into Christ in all things. I also work with individuals in bringing them into a deeper mystical awareness of the divine nature.

Today’s Challenges

I was under spiritual abuse for 9 years as a member of a legalistic and controlling church. The wounds were deep, but Christ was deeper still.

Unfortunately this is how many churches are today, mixing law and grace. This admixture only results in self-righteousness, stagnated growth, and hyper-critical moralism.

As a result, the world is antogonistic toward Christians, this being particularly true in the West. The Church is ultimately to blame for this attitude from non-believers. Judgmentalism, and an ‘us versus them’ mentality are typical from believers. How can our evangelization be effective with these prevailing perceptions? How do we touch people’s heart with God’s love, without any agendas?

Also, false teachings abound in today’s Church. There’s a denial of the Holy Spirit and His power,  as the gifts no longer find place in her midst. Heresies have poisoned our congregations, undermining the authority of Holy Scripture. Today’s churches follow the extremes of either legalism or licentiousness. The first preaches condemnation through a grace/law admixture. The second is a distorted counterfeit grace that denies God’s life-changing power.    

Answering the Call

I have known this calling to preach and teach the Gospel since I was a teenager over 40 years ago. But mine is a strange calling. I never entered a Bible College, nor any kind of church program toward meeting human qualifications. Rather, it pleased God to raise me up in obscurity, on the ‘backside of the desert’ as it were. God used the hard lessons of my life to teach and train me. An example is the spiritually abusive Church I attended: God taught me several things, particularly how NOT to be a Christian!

While still healing, I started my own ministry. This began as an outreach through social media. There were also years of street ministry, including open-air preaching. It has been difficult, developing ministry in such an unconventional way. But it has been a deep inward challenge. For instead of some premade step-by-step program, I had to dig deep for inward change. For God, the messenger is just as important as the message. It is very humbling to hear God’s Not yet as I learned to trust His will and timing.

Meanwhile my studies, including the original languages, have never stopped. Discovering the pure unadulterated Grace of God had flipped my theology on its head. My studies also included mystical practice and theory. Practical methods developed which I pass on to my students.

For more on that, check out our online mystical school, Taboric Light Seminary

How We’re Helping Now

Our tagline is what we’re all about: Serving the Church, Revealing Christ in All.

Serving the Church

We provide sound Biblical teaching and discipleship. This occurs in three ways:

1) Online. Our blog, video teachings on Youtube, Skype, and posting in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2)  Itinerary. I travel by invitation to churches, conferences, home groups, colleges, and other venues. To learn more, click here.

3) Intensives. Toward individuals or small groups, I facilitate direct experiences of our mystical Oneness. Learn more here.   

Revealing Christ in all 

Last, but certainly not least, is our evangelistic outreach toward the world. This is done in three ways:

1) Preaching grace. Our heart’s cry is for unbelievers, to see them turn from darkness to light. Our approach is uncompromising, but we reject an us versus them mentallity. Instead of being self-righteous and waving a finger, we call no man common nor unclean. But by love we lead unbelievers to faith in Christ.

2) Demonstrating the Kingdom through Pentecostal power. As believers in the Holy Spirit and His gifts, we preach the Gospel with signs and wonders.

3) We establish churches through apostolic outreach. Through the missionary activity of apostles and their co-workers, we spread revival, establish churches in various locations, ordaining elders to act as bishops or pastors in each congregation. Prophetic teams may then follow up to help facilitate and establish the gifts of the Spirit in these churches. 

Our Vision

What is our ultimate goal? Our vision for the future of this ministry is in seeing the Body of Christ come into her fulness. This means the complete restoration of the five-fold ministry (as in Eph 4:11; 1Cor 12:28), and bringing each believer into their own personal fulness.

This vision was birthed in my heart with no link to any past or present denomination, group or ministry. Watchman Nee was a source of inspiration, but with two important differences: I do not limit one church per location; and I believe in Holy Spirit baptism evidenced by tongues, and the gifts.

Acknowledging God’s movement in other ministries, we’re neither sectarian nor elitist. This is simply the wineskin that God has chosen to pour new wine into. As such, we do not put down other ministries over a difference in methods. That is their business. Our business is simply to assist those who are open to receive this vision, and work with us.

To learn more about Vision 153, follow the link.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry, and I look forward to God working through us together.   


Leon Bahrman.

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