Leon Bahrman Ministries is a for-profit ministry under the auspices of Bahrman 23 LLC.

This statement concerns the use of all services of Leon Bahrman Ministries, whether listed or else unlisted on this website or any other related source such as social media. Also included in this statement are the privacy concerns of all with whom Leon Bahrman himself, or Leon Bahrman Ministries as an entity, will interact.  

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Legality and Ethics: Answers from this ministry will not be of a legal, medical, business, or financial nature. Seek professional guidance, advice or medical services for any related questions or issues not covered by this ministry as so stated. Any questions that fall outside of the advice, guidance or spiritually oriented parameters of this ministry will be declined by myself, and the person or client will be suggested to seek out legally applicable services.

Privacy Policy: Any and all information given to and or received from yourself will be kept private in the utmost confidence in honor of our mutual and individual privacy to the utmost of my ability, and will not be for any reason shared knowingly with a third party. Neither myself, Leon Bahrman Ministries, this web site nor any related venues of communication between us cannot be guaranteed nor held liable to be completely secure from the actions of prying third party entities.

Service Terms: All payments are done through Paypal, a third party site (unless otherwise received in person where applicable). Neither myself, nor Leon Bahrman Ministries are responsible for your experiences with any third party site. Please familiarize yourself with their terms of service, privacy and security policies.

I perform each teaching, ministry or service with the utmost care and dedication given my experience, skill-set and knowledge.

Payment for services rendered, such as teachings through the online mystical school, Taboric Light Seminary, are typically expected upfront before access is granted, before any passwords or links to onsite pages are made accessible, and before personal instruction and/or assistance is given. Once payment is received via PayPal, then passwords or links will be sent via email, giving you immediate access to my online mystical school, or any other possible related or non-related venue.

An exception to the upfront rule would be my travelling ministries where I would teach, preach, lecture, or perform spiritual intensives: payment and/or honorarium would be given either before or after services are rendered, per our worked out agreement made prior to my arrival.

Other services where online teaching, counsel or ministry occurs, as via Skype or any other video chat, or phone related venues, payment may be received afterward via Paypal, per your honor.  

If there is any dissatisfaction with the courses undergone, intensives received, any teachings given, or any of the other services of Leon Bahrman ministries, I am happy to work with you through these issues in further discussion and to correct as I’m able.

However, without exception, there are no refunds for any of these services believed by you the client to be dissatisfying in terms of results. Subjective experience, such as satisfaction, is not herein guaranteed. The paid-for services or teachings of this ministry or website are not a results-oriented product. What you the client are purchasing is services- and expertise-oriented.

I provide as detailed and clear a description as possible of all my services and ministries offered so that you can make an informed decision. Please read carefully before booking a teaching, service or ministry with me.

Your Use of My Website Content

Material as here available on my website, such as the blogs, and various pages where teaching and doctrine are made available, can be used, copied, and disseminated at your discretion- just please cite your sources, and give credit back to myself.

Exempt from the above statement are materials paid for and available to students of the Taboric Light Seminary, such as access, passwords and/or written teachings/instructions, these are to be kept confidential from non-paying entities, as per our privacy agreement above. Again, not all will understand, nor rightly apply these specialized materials, as they are presented in a careful step-by-step format. 

By using and/or interacting on this website or via email, you are thereby acknowledging and agreeing to all the terms of service given above.