This statement regards the payment and refund policy of all services of Leon Bahrman Ministries, whether listed or unlisted, on this or any other related website.

Payment Policy

Below is a statement of our payment policy.

Pricing Method:

Pricing methods will vary from service to service, given the differences between them. Please refer to the relevant service or ministry detailed below for more information. 

Taboric Light Seminary: 

Payment for the online mystical school, Taboric Light Seminary, including any or all of its courses, are expected upfront before access is granted, including passwords or links to onsite pages, and prior to any personal instruction and/or assistance. Once payment is received through any of our approved or agreed on payment gateways, then passwords or links will be sent via email, giving you immediate access to the online courses. The email includes each of the lessons of the course or courses downloadable as pdf files.

Any discounts or pro bono services relating to Taboric Light Seminaries, or any other ministry, are solely at my discretion.

Teaching and Speaking Ministries: 

For all travelling related ministries where I would teach, preach, or lecture, there are two parts:

1. Set amount is determined as a base rate for the first meeting. This amount is negotiable based on the size of the Church or venue. Any following meetings related to the first will be at a discounted rate typically at 75%.

2. Additional payment concering lodging, travel and food expenses to be negotiated.

Traveling/lodging/food is to be paid prior to services being rendered, and then the remaining fees paid when services are complete.

Video Teachings:

Online teaching, counsel or ministry, as via Skype, Zoom or any other video chat, or phone related venues, payment is to be received prior to the service, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Spiritual Intensives:

These are performed with church groups or as a part of spiritual retreats. These are paid for in two parts:

1. Set amount (negotiable for smaller venues). Additional meetings will be at a 50% discount per each 3-hour day. It is up to the church group or venue on how they wish to arrange this with their attendees. The set amount will be previously agreed on, but can be paid when the services are complete.

2. Aside from the set amount above will be travel, lodging expenses to be researched, negotiated and paid prior to my arrival.  

Spiritual Intensives: (video sessions)

These are the same price as the video teaching services above, but may be purchased in increments between 1, 2, or 3 hour sessions.

Payment Methods:

The third party payment methods currently used by Leon Bahrman Ministries are Cash App Business and Stripe. Other methods may be potentially used in the future (such as Apple Pay, Zelle, etc). I do not use Paypal or Venmo. The Make a Payment page will be linked on the invoice sent via an attatchment in an email.

Please see our Terms of Service page to understand our policies regarding third party sites.

If the client prefers to send check or money order instead, please make it out to “Leon Bahrman” and send it to:

Leon Bahrman

6005 Alta Monte NE

Albuquerque, NM 87110  


My ministry or organization is a ‘for-profit’ and is not protected by a tax-exempt status. However, I do not charge a sales tax on the services I provide as per my current understanding of the laws regarding this. Income is reported by myself federally and at the state level, however. And each state’s laws are different in regards to this. If in the future I do charge a sales tax (in accordance to applicable laws), I will clearly state that here.   

Unpaid Invoices:

Payment of an invoice is typically due within two weeks of its being sent. The invoice will be sent within the agreed upon timeframe.

If a greater amount of time is needed, we can work this out, or a new invoice can be issued closer to your budgetary needs.

If the invoice is not paid within 2 weeks period from its sent date, the agreement between LBM and client/individual will be considered null and void, unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

Refund Policy  

I perform each teaching, ministry or service with the utmost care and dedication given my experience, skill-set and knowledge.

If there is any dissatisfaction with any of the courses taken through Taboric Light Seminary, intensives received (by group or individual video session), any teachings given, whether in person or by video, or any of the other services of Leon Bahrman ministries, I am happy to work through these issues and to correct what I’m able to.

However, without exception, there are no refunds for any of these services believed by you the client to be dissatisfying in terms of results.

Subjective experience, such as satisfaction, is not herein guaranteed. The paid-for services or teachings of this ministry or website are not a results-oriented product. What you the client are purchasing is services- and expertise-oriented.

I provide as detailed and clear a description as possible of all my services and ministries offered so that you can make an informed decision. This includes my personal beliefs, doctrine, as well as methodology and approach. Please read carefully before booking a teaching, service or ministry with me.