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Self Reflexive Awareness > open for registration!

Ma’aseh Bereshit > pre-register (completion: Spring 2024)!

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  • Unlimited access to the chosen online course or courses. 
  • Self-paced, self-motivated course in a supportive environment.
  • Courses are downloadable and printable pdf files.
  • Access to downloadable pdf library of ever expanding mystical works by various authors, ancient and modern.
  • One on one consultation with the teacher (on an as needed basis) via social media group, phone or email.
  • An online social media group, a supportive community with fellow students practicing the same course or courses as yourself.

It is an honor to walk together with you on this inner journey, this spiritual adventure!


Leon Bahrman.

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Our Course Options:

Self Reflexive Awareness $350.00 USD


Ma’aseh Bereshit  $450.00 USD


Both Courses at a discounted price of $700.00 USD

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