Teaching and Speaking Ministries

Areas of teaching may include:
* Orthodox Theology
* Finished Works Teaching
* Grace versus Law
* Doctrine of Election/Predestination
* First Century Church Structure
* Training in the Gifts of the Spirit
* Spiritual Warfare
* Bible Prophecy
* Men’s Issues
* Christian Mysticism

Are you looking for an apostolic teacher with a unique set of skills?

I am available for revival meetings, conferences, home fellowships, or as a guest speaker for regular and midweek church services! 

Experience and Educational Background

For over 30 years I’ve studied the Scriptures in depth, within the context of their original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages. Have ministered and taught in multiple venues, including open-air preaching, church services of varying sizes, home fellowship groups, as well as college classrooms.

The learning of the Scriptures came about through an intense desire to know God in greater dimensions. While much of it was doctrinal or theoretical in the early days, many personal studies have literally changed my life. It is with this intense hunger for not only bettering myself, but also in being a blessing to the Body of Christ, that this teaching ministry came about.

These studies, far from being merely doctrinal, have taken on ever deepening mystical implications over the years. Superseding an intellectual understanding, the opening of the heart through inward knowledge or revelation beyond the ‘letter of the law’ is not only taught by me, but demonstrated.

Teaching Details:

I’m available to speak or teach in Bible conferences, church services, home fellowships, spiritual retreats, college class rooms, or in almost any other venue.

Much thoughtful prayer and study goes into the communication of His Word. My attitude toward Scripture is from the approach of sola scriptura.

The range of topics that I teach on may vary widely. But above all, my wish is to provide for the specific needs of your church, home fellowship or ministry. So whether it’s an already agreed upon topic, or I receive in prayer the topic for teaching, God will meet your group or congregation’s needs through the leading of His Spirit.

Rate or honorarium, as well as travel/lodging expenses agreed on prior to meeting (am willing to .

Invite Leon to Speak


New! Teaching One on One (or group) via SKYPE!

Skype or Facetime Teaching Sessions: $40.00 USD per hour.

Let’s connect through either Skype or Facetime, for any subject that you wish for me to teach on. Personal ministry and prayer can also occur during this time for any need. Skype sessions may be recorded by yourself for future reference.