Spiritual Intensives

This is a service that gets to the heart of spiritual Awakening, what many religions refer to as Enlightenment. Though in this case, it is a mysticism that is presented within the context of a specifically Christian orthodoxy and practice.

What is Awakening?

In the Christian context, Awakening may be also called theosis, deification, gnosis, metanoia, fullness or perfection, etc… It is what every Christian mystic down through history has sought for, mystical-union with the divine. However, while many seek a kind of ‘union of wills’, where each retain their identity, this is not what Awakening is, ultimately.

Christ prayed that we would all be One, even as He and the Father are One (John 17:11, 21-23). The Father and the Son, though distinct as divine personalities, are in Essence One substratum of Being. It is this Oneness, also called Godhead, and the divine nature, to which we are invited by Christ to partake of, participate or share in (see also 2Peter 1:4). What this means in realization is an identity shift, where we know even as we are known (1Cor 13:12), where as He is, so are we in this world, or where perfect love casts out all fear (1Jn 4:17-18). There are many ways to describe it, and yet no description does it justice. It is an opening of the heart, a direct knowing and an intuitiveness that deepens spiritual perception, and increases wisdom in the knower. It is a spiritual maturity that takes one into divine fullness, and the fullness of Christ, as Paul taught (Eph 3:19; 4:13).

What is involved in an Intensive?

An intensive is a one on one session (though small groups are also possible) between you and I, in which we first cover preliminary instructions and basic understandings. We also may discuss possible blockages or hindrances to a more fulfilling and deeper spirituality. Then we get right into it, practicing the presence of God in a direct and immediate way. This may look like prayer and meditation, where we sit in silent contemplation of the divine Mystery.

Our Approach:

There’s a difference between what is classified as a Pauline mysticism versus an Hellenic or Gnostic mysticism. The difference is that in Paul’s mysticism, all things are already done and performed by Christ. We therefore enter into and ascend up unto what is already freely given to us by grace. In Hellenic mysticism, there’s a striving based on works, or the acquisition of knowledge. An ‘earning’ of gnosis based on a works mentality. Our approach is Pauline, that God has an open hand toward us, and is already our fullness, and we are already complete in Him. There is an effort to focus, a striving of sorts (hence an ‘intensive’), but it is to enter into the fullness of His grace, and all that this entails. We may say that Pauline mysticism is receptive whereas Hellenic is initiative. So, instead of us trying to ‘initiate our own salvation’, we’re simply receiving from the Father what has already been accomplished by the finished work of Christ.

Who would benefit from an intensive?

* Are you hungry for a deeper walk with the Lord, but don’t know how to get there?

* Have you ever wanted more out of your spirituality, or your religious practices?

* Do you ever read about what the Bible refers to as the fullness, being spiritual, being a mature believer, perfection, having the mind of Christ, partaking of the divine nature, etc, but never had a clue as to what these were talking about?

* Are you tired of a dead and lifeless ‘church-experience’, where you’re fed up with just being a ‘Sunday Christian’, with your mind on football, or the lunch menu while the service is still going- and you want to know if there’s more to being a Christian?

* Is there a longing for you to break free from a ‘life-script’ that you feel is beyond your control, and to which you feel powerless to gain the mastery over?

* Are you tired of being fake with others, knowing that the personae projected by yourself is dishonest and untrue, and yet you’re not quite sure anymore who you’re supposed to be?

* Are you struggling with an addiction or compulsive behavior from which you can’t seem to gain the victory?

* Do you wish to mystically transcend, awaken and attain unto the very Oneness shared by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions above, and hunger after that righteousness revealed in the fullness of the Kingdom of God as taught by Christ, then a spiritual intensive is the right thing for you, or your ministry.

Where would this intensive take place?

We can work out exactly where the intensive may take place, but I may suggest my residential office here in Albuquerque, New Mexico for starters. This of course would entail that your travel and lodging would factor in what expenses we both would agree on.

If this intensive would take place elsewhere (say, your home town or city), travel and lodging for myself would of course then factor in the expenses that we both would agree on.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (US).

Spiritual Intensive Offerings

Half-day Intensives for Individual (4 hours): $160.00 USD

Or for group rate of up to 5 persons: $320.00 USD

A four hour session (at $40/$80 hr), plus traveling and lodging expenses.

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* Full-day Intensives for Individual (8 hours):  $320.00 USD

Or for group rate of up to 5 persons: $ 640.00 USD 

An eight hour session (at $40/$80 hr), plus traveling and lodging expenses.

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* For Skype or Facetime Intensives: $40.00 USD per hour.


To schedule for an intensive, or to inquire further for this service, Contact Us!.

Availability of this service may be subject to speaking and ministering schedule