Welcome to our Ministry!

Welcome to our website, I’m glad that you’re here! The intent of this post is to provide an idea to you, the visitor, what our ministry is all about. 

Who we are:

We’re an apostolic ministry, not as a denomination, but as an evangelistic outreach toward the unbelieving world, and as a foundational support toward the Body of Christ.

Global witness and outreach is our primary focus, in preaching the Gospel and in demonstration of the Kingdom of God through the gifts of the Holy Spirit both in physical healing and in miracles.

This spiritual work also includes the maturing of the saints in terms of spiritual growth, and perfection in Oneness. This occurs through awakening to our identity in Christ, as has been made ours by the finished work of the cross. This maturing is through comprehensive Bible teachings, and in spiritual intensives where participation in the divine nature is encouraged in small groups, or toward the individual in one-on-one sessions. 

This ministry believes in, promotes and supports the five-fold gift ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers as set forth by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:12-16 (cp. 1 Corinthians 12:28).

Our Ministry in Action

I’ve ministered in several churches, on college campuses, as well as conducting street outreaches in various locations throughout the Southwestern United States. 

What does this ministry look like? 

1. Online Ministry: Teaching is provided through various online formats, as video teachings, accessible via my Youtube channel, with some examples linked in this website. Teachings are also available to registered users (registration is free!) in my blogs provided here as well.

  2. Traveling Ministry: Speaking and teaching upon request. Through invitation (subject to availability), I’m available to preach and teach in churches, Bible study groups, college campuses, conferences, spiritual retreats, and other venues- just ask! 

In seeking partnership with like-minded ministers, traveling in spreading the Gospel, and building up the Church wherever the Spirit may lead us- so let’s partner together!  

How May We Help Now?

What are your specific needs? Are you here as an individual? Or, are you here as a pastor or minister on behalf of his/her church or ministry? Are you looking for a guest speaker for a conference, Bible study, church service or spiritual retreat?

Invite Leon to Speak

* If you’re looking for a fresh and new direction for your church, ministry or congregation, but are wary of emerging heretical and false movements- we provide a powerful and new perspective, within the moors of orthodoxy.

* If you’re a young minister seeking direction out in the mission field, or trying to jump start a faltering new work, we’re here to help. Our ministry seeks to offer guidance and empowerment in a supportive atmosphere of love and compassion.

* Tired of legalism and politics in your church which threaten the work of God? We strongly advocate the grace message and life in the Spirit, and can gently lead churches or the individual out of the stranglehold of religious law keeping.  

* Are you seeking answers and a new start in your own spiritual walk? Have you been struggling with the same old sins and addictions that seem to rob you of freedom and joy in the Holy Spirit, and wish to mature in your Christian walk?

* Are you thirsting for more from the Christian life, but have failed to find it due to inadequate teaching, and the drought conditions in today’s churches?

I personally invite you to contact this ministry via our Invite Form, and let us know how we can be of service to you and your ministry.


Leon Bahrman.





Welcome to our Ministry!
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