Hello, I’m Leon Bahrman 

My calling is to preach and teach the Gospel, and Leon Bahrman Ministries is birthed out of this lifelong dream.

I’ve been a preacher and teacher of the Bible for over 30 years. My anointing and office is as an apostle, and I work with other apostles to evangelize, plant churches and establish presybyteries (elders).

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My desire is to see the Church come into her own, and grow up into Christ in all things. I also work with individuals in bringing them into a deeper mystical awareness of the divine nature.

Today’s Challenges

I was the member of a spiritually abusive Church for nine years, and experienced the deep wounding from controlling leadership as part of a certain legalistic fellowship. Unfortunately, this was only a little extreme of the normal way church is done today. Most churches today mix grace and law, resulting in self-righteounsess, stagnate spiritual growth, and hyper-critical moralists which only render the cause of Christ odious before the world.

The world by and large is antogonistic toward Christianity and the Church, and this is particularly true in the West. Much of this is to be blamed on the Church for its attitude toward non-believers, judgmentalism, and an ‘us versus them’ mentality. How do we effectively evangelize the world with these prevailing perceptions? How do we touch the heart, and prove that God’s love is for them without any hidden agenda?

Besides these, numerous false teachings abound in today’s Church. The powers of Pentecost are denied, as miracles of healing, and the gifts of the Spirit no longer find place in our midst. Modern as well as ancient heresies find their way into our congregations as the authority of Holy Scripture is undermined. Either extemes are found in today’s churches, legalism where believers walk around under a constant cloud of condemnation, or licentiousness. A distorted grace message coddles sin, and denies the real power of godliness that sets us free.    

Answering the Call

My calling to preach and teach the Gospel is something I’ve known  deep in my heart since I was a teenager close to over 40 years ago. But mine is a strange calling, as the Holy Spirit consistently said ‘No’ to my joining a proverbial Bible College, or any kind of ‘formal training’, it pleased God to raise me up in obscurity, on the ‘backside of the desert’. God used the hard lessons of my life (and there were plenty!) to teach and train me. An example is the spiritually abusive Church I went to, where God taught me several things, but mainly on how not to be a Christian!

In the midst of my own healing, I began to form my ministry which began as an online outreach through various social platforms, and years of street ministry, including open-air preaching. It has been difficult, developing ministry in such an unconventional way. But it is first and foremost a deep inward challenge, for instead of completing some structured program with a scheduled deadline, I must dig deep inside for inward change and character development. As for God, just as important as the message is the messenger. It is very humbling to hear God’s Not yet as I learn to trust His purposes and timing.

Meanwhile over the years, my studies of Scriptural doctrine, digging into the original languages of the Bible, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, have never waned nor weakened. Learning the Gospel of the Grace of God, that the finished work of Christ is truly the last word on our salvation. Also, my exploring the mystical path, both in practice and in theory, has resulting in powerful inner practices that make Christian mysticism available to today’s disciple. For more on that, check out our online mystical school, Taboric Light Seminary

How We’re Helping Now

Our tagline is what we’re all about: Training the Saints, Serving the Ministry, Revealing Christ in All.

Training the Saints: We provide sound Biblical teaching and discipleship. This occus in three ways:

1) Online: our blog, video teachings on Youtube, Skype, and posting in various social media platforms.

2)  Itinerary: I travel to different churches, Bible conferences, home fellowships, college campuses, and other public venues to teach or preach to the believer the unsearchable riches of Christ. This is by personal invitation from churches, organizations or individuals, and as the Spirit leads and provides. To learn more, click here.

3) Intensives: This is either one-on-one or with a small group of believers in encouraging direct mystical experience of Christ and our Oneness in Him. Learn more here.  

Serving the Ministry: This is in line with my apostolic calling, where I’m available as a foundation toward pastors, prophets and other ministers. What I offer is instruction for any church or ministry who seeks to learn and restructure their organizational structure along the lines of first century Christianity. How did the first century Church evangelize the world so radically? How did the church turn into a single-pastoral system? How does a local church function with a plurality of pastors/elders/bishops? How do the apostles start or support such churches? What are the functions of a New Testament prophet? What are apostolic teams? What are prophetic teams? My ministry is in training the Church toward first century ecclesiology.

Revealing Christ in all: Last, but certainly not least, is our evangelistic outreach toward the world. Our heart’s cry is for the lost, to bring the non-believer to faith in Christ, and to see conversions from darkness to light. Our approach to the world is non-compromising as to the truths of the Gospel, but is different than many ministries, because we refuse to have an ‘us versus them’ mentallity toward the unbeliever. Instead of self-righteously waving a finger, we call no man common nor unclean. But by love and service, we bring the non-Christian (or ‘Christian’ religious person) to faith in Christ and repentance by the Holy Spirit, through preaching the Gospel and signs and wonders. 

Our Vision

What is our ultimate goal? As this ministry grows and develops, our vision for the future is in seeing the Body of Christ come into her fulness. This means the complete restoration of the five-fold ministry (as in Eph 4:11; 1Cor 12:28), apostles and prophets roaming about in itinerary minsitry, starting churches, ordaining a plurality of elders, and establishing them in the gifts of the Spirit.

This purpose is not related to past or existing ministries, but is something developed in my own heart down through the years. There is inspiration from Watchman Nee here, but with two important distinctions: I do not believe in one church per location as he (and Witness Lee) did, and I also am Pentecostal in my embracing of the baptism of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in other tongues, and the embracing of divine healing, etc…

This is by no means sectarian, nor elitist in nature- as we acknowledge God’s movements in other churches and ministries, and don’t view ours as ‘the only way’. This is simply the wineskin that God has chosen for me to pour our new wine into.   


Leon Bahrman.

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