Training the Saints, Serving the Ministry, Revealing Christ in All

Concerning what Leon Bahrman Ministries is about, our tagline above says it all:

1. Training the Saints: Our purpose is to train up Christian communities and the individual believer as to our true identity in Christ, as we reach toward practical holiness in everyday life. We seek to provide a strong foundation through discipleship, solid Bible teaching, and experiential divine encounters, equipping the Church to face 21st century challenges.

How this is done:

* Itinerant ministry– I am available by invitation to come to any church, Bible study, home fellowship, spiritual retreat, Bible college or school of ministry, and impart spiritual gifts via anointed teaching and ministry with the intent of building up the local congregation and the individual.

* Online ministry– Blogs, video-teachings, and other social media are provided here on this website, as well as via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and also via personal email. Other resources, too are available on this website, as in our library.

2. Serving the Ministry: In support of the body of Christ, I seek to assist new pastors, apostles, co-workers, and ministers in their new churches or ministries, by providing apostolic teaching and spiritual guidance.

How this is done:

* Short or longer term partnerships– These partnerships enable us to minister together in local outreaches, missionary endeavors, church planting ventures, or in mutually edifying teaching and preaching services.

Long term partnerships is in sharing the same vision and like-mindedness in our common goals of building a global network of churches headed by a plurality of elders (pastors), supported by regional apostles and prophets.

Short term partnerships enable us to temporarily work together toward a common purpose, while still retaining our independent goals, callings and ministerial visions. Thus we can accomplish this or that divinely inspired task together, be a blessing to each other’s ministries, and yet not veer from our respective calling, ministry or group.   

* First century solutions for a twenty first century world– This will be expressed in raising up and sending out apostolic and prophetic teams. The (regional) apostles will work toward evangelizing the world via the gospel of grace, and the apostles with the prophets will see that our planted churches sprout in growth through teaching and operating in the spiritual gifts. Local elders (a plurality of pastors) and teachers will see their churches become centers of healing and redemption in their respective communities.

* My availability toward new ministers– Teaching, advice, guidance, counsel, are all available in whatever format you wish, be it a phone call, an email, or you may peruse my many teachings found via videos on Youtube, or blogs as available on this website. Don’t struggle alone out in the field, my gifting is in a supportive role.

3. Revealing Christ in All: The message of the gospel of the grace of God is one of inclusion. We affirm that Christ wholly and single-handedly accomplished the salvation of all humanity through His atoning death and resurrection.

We also recognize that not all believe in Him, and therefore fail to experience or taste of this salvation. So the need for evangelizing, the call for repentance and conversion, is still drastically needed.

Think of how different our approach is toward the world in lieu of the Gospel of Inclusion, when we no longer view nonbelievers as unclean, unholy, sinful and under divine wrath! Instead we have great hope for humanity, embracing them with the inclusive love of God, which alone can open up hearts unto true conversion.

How this is done:

* Outreach and Evangelism– This is us meeting the non-believers incarnationally where they are, where they congregate, involving ourselves as much as possible in what’s important to them.

This is not about preaching at them, but about witnessing to them and meeting their needs, materially where possible, but also in terms of prayers for healing of disease, words of knowledge, and bringing the very presence of God to them.

This is done through street evangelization, where we meet them where they are. In seeing ourselves as not different than they, being also recipients of God’s grace, we’re freer to serve them in love, and to meet them where other Christians may fear to tread. 

* Engaging nonbelievers of other religions

It is in seeing Christ as the Logos embedded in all religions and philosophies, we’re able to meet people of other faiths with compassion and sensitivity, knowing how to present Christ to them even from the pages of their own holy books.

* Inviting you to join with us– If you feel a burden toward the lost who are typically considered unreachable, guidance and teaching can be provided in how to see the Logos (God’s Word) in all things, and how to compassionately and sensitively communicate that toward those who may not otherwise listen to Christ’s message. 

Christian mysticism and the deeper life

The apostle Peter affirmed that we are partakers of the divine nature (2Pet 1:4). The Oneness for which Christ prayed (Jn 17:11, 21-22; cf. 10:30) was not about some kind of denominational ecumenicism, but rather a knowing and identifying with the very Oneness of Godhead shared by Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This is provided in the teaching and practice of a true Christian mysticism, a sharing in the very Mystery that is God.

How this is done:

* Our online mystical school Taboric Light Seminary, where students are guided in a self-paced and supported environment to learn Christian mystical disciplines that Leon Bahrman developed and practices himself. 

* This is taught in doctrinal exposition,  in person, or online, as in many of my blogs and video teachings.

* Specialized in-person teaching sessions called intensives toward either a group or an individual (by invitation only), where instruction is first given, then mystical exercises are practiced, realizing two things:

1. Direct perception of our Oneness in Him, as the divine nature; and-

2. Experiencing the intoxicating glory of the divine, where in a very real and tangible sense, God’s presence is experienced by either the individual or the group.

This is not practiced through a religious works oriented approach, but rather by divine grace, we freely receive what has already been given to us through the finished work of the cross.

I look forward to meeting you, and imparting to you the divine flow of life which God has so graciously given to me.


Leon Bahrman.

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